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A global Luxury group, Splendour Living  manages the development of a series of renowned Brands in the design and Luxury industry:  Krati, Kaya, Splendour, Misho, Thierry Betancourt, ilo rugs and Maraal. 

Creation at the heart of our strategy

Our sole mission is to bring thoughts and ideas to life in a creative manner. All our brands have one common underlying theme,Merge utility with design. We believe that the world will be a much better place to live, if design and creativity were at the heart of every innovation.

Going Beyond

At Splendour, we are always looking for ideas and means to challenge the status quo and venture beyond our capabilities.  This has been an essential growth driver in all our projects and has been a catalyst in increasing our global presence

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Discover our brands and what we do, our design world and how we can work together.

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